Juneau LUG


The Juneau Linux Users Group

Hardware: These pages are for descriptions & notes about interesting hardware owned by JLUG members. These pages will slowly appear (let's emphasize the word slowly again) as members have time to write them. If you see hardware listed, but not described, ask on the mailing list about the hardware.

Digital Alpha:
DEC Personal Workstation 500au

i386 & Compatible:
Sharp PC-8700 (laptop)
Fujitsu 735D (laptop)

Hewlett Packard Visualize C160 workstation

IBM 6015 (aka PowerSeries 400, aka Sandalfoot/Sandalbow )
IBM 6070 (aka PowerSeries 850, aka Carolina)
Apple G-3 "All-in-one"
Apple PowerMac 8500/120